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To use all Shopclass features you need to fulfil few requirements mentioned below with all the necessary requirements of osclass itself:

  • Shopclass theme need at-least PHP 5.6  and MySql with InnoDB support to function properly (Pretty commonly available).
  • Latest version of our theme needs minimum Osclass version 3.6 to run properly.
  • You need to have installed Sphinx-Search Server, if you want to use Sphinx Features Available with our theme. Minimum required version is 2.2.x.
  • PHP Memcached, APCu extensions are required to use our caching functions available in theme if none of above available than our theme will use File based caching by default.
  • A free Rating plugin from osclass market is required for proper rating functions.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google API keys and Secret Keys are required to enable our social login features.
  • Although our theme may work without pretty permalinks enabled but we do recommend that you should enable that in your osclass installation.
  • To make Osclass Editor work ( A feature we have included in our theme) you need to apply more safer directory permission 755 for ‘themes’ and ‘plugins’ directories. This feature will not work if you have those directories world writable (Permission 777).
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