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Spam and Security Features

Shopclass Theme has many security features inbuilt to prevent spam and duplicate ad posting. All Features have dedicated settings in Shopclass Admin Dashboard.

Stop Forum Spam Settings

Stop Forum Spam Settings:

Our theme has support for Stop Forum Spam database, Theme check every comment and listing posting with this database. With this features theme add email ids to ban rule if they found spammy in StopForumSpam Database. It also prevent them posting comment or mark their listings   as disabled if enabled.

You can set Frequency Threshold and Confidence Threshold in Dashboard settings. Frequency threshold means how many time that email id has been appeared in SFS( StopForumSpam)  database. Confidence Threshold means how much confidence SFS has that email is used for spam. Default values are optimum in our testing.

Other Security checks

Recaptcha and Honeypot

We also have inbuilt Recaptcha Support for every form including comment form. Enabling it add google Recaptcha to every form and every user has to validate it. You need to create Recaptcha API and Secret Key from Here.

Their is a also a nifty feature Honeypot check, enabling it add a invisible input fields for bots and if they fill this input, their request is identified as spammy.

Duplicate Helper

Duplicate Helper prevent user to post duplicate ads which are already posted. It marks their listing as disabled but admin can enable them if they want to.

By default it check if both title and description are same with any previous listing and mark them as disabled. You can change this behaviour and choose to check only ‘By Title’ or ‘By description’.


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