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Osclass Editor

This an unique and another amazing feature of our theme Shopclass. It gives you powerful file editing capability in your hand within Osclass Admin Dashboard. With this feature you don’t have to use ftp again for simple modification in your theme files or any file under osclass installation directory. It by default support editing htaccess, php , html, sql, txt, sh, conf, js, css and xml files.Did we tell you that it support syntax highlighting too. You can use it at Shopclass Dashboard => Osclass Editor.

We have made a very easy to use interface for this feature. In left you see your file content which you want to edit. In right you have option to change directory and list of files available for editing.

You can also create a backup copy ( Which we recommend before you do any editing).

Note: Make sure that you have safe permission for your theme and plugins directory ( you should not chmod to 777, we recommend 755 for directories ). This feature will not work if your directories have 777 permission as they are potential security risk and you should change them, even if you do not use this feature.

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