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Configure Sphinx


Sphinx is an open source search engine that allows full-text searches. It is best known for performing searches over large data very efficiently. The data to be indexed can generally come from very different sources: SQL databases, plain text files, HTML files, mailboxes, and so on. It’s an Unique Feature of our Premium Osclass Theme Shopclass

Some key features of Sphinx are:

  • High indexing and searching performance
  • Advanced indexing and querying tools
  • Advanced result set post-processing
  • Proven scalability up to billions of documents, terabytes of data, and thousands of queries per second
  • Easy integration with SQL and XML data sources, and SphinxQL, SphinxAPI, or SphinxSE search interfaces
  • Easy scaling with distributed searches


Before you begin, do check that you are one of these Os environment :

  • A Ubuntu 16.04 .
  • CentOS 7



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