ShopClass Premium Osclass Theme

Most Advance Premium Theme for Osclass.

With our long experience with Osclass, we know how to make better integrated product with osclass.  Our full-featured themes are seamlessly integrated with Osclass and built with easy-to-manage features. You will also get lifetime support for bug fix for our osclass theme. Below are few features which makes us apart from other osclass themes.

Push to top

It’s a unique feature which we added in our theme, your user can move his listing to top in latest list by just clicking on Push to top button. It discourage your user to make duplicate listings at the same time increase user engagement. You can also set that how much time user need to wait for pushing his listing to top again in Admin Dashboard.

User Avatar

No need for a plugin to avail this feature as it is built in our theme. You user can upload their avatar easily through their user dashboard. It makes it easy to personalise their website experience.

Favourite Listing

With this inbuilt feature user can add any listing to their favourite list and manage track record of them in their user dashboard. We made this very feature very easy to use and manage.

Recent Ads

It is another great feature we have added in our theme to increase user engagement. This feature show recently viewed ads by visitor in footer. This is another feature to  provide awesome experience to visitors.

Sphinx Search Engine

Sphinx is an open-source search engine, provide accurate and advance search functionality with super speedy results. Our theme support all the latest functionality of sphinx search engine built in. With added configuration generator provided in Admin Dashboard. This engine provide super speedy live search suggestion with out any database load. (Will ignore custom field).

Sitemap Generator

We have included inbuilt feature to generate indexed xml sitemap for search engines. It comes with full control on how you want to generated those sitemaps. Most advance sitemap generation functionality in osclass till now. We have add full sitemap controlling options in Admin Dashboard.

Osclass Editor

We understand that how time consuming it is to make simple changes in your Plugin/Theme files, For that we have added File editing functionality built in (With syntax highlighting), No need to fire-up FTP client or using cpanel dashboard to edit your files. Our powerful editor support editing of htaccess, txt, php, html, js, css and sql files with in Admin dashboard.

Social Login

We made user registration and sign in easier. Our Social Login feature allows your visitor to use their existing Facebook, Google and Twitter Account on your site for authorisation purpose.

What’s more ?

Our feature list does not ends here. Apart from above features we have added equally advance other features too. Here is a list of all those features.

  • Ajax comment system: We have added a reworked comment system in our theme which runs on AJAX,  A fast comment comment system which support our User Avatar Feature. We also support Disqus comment system.
  • SEO Friendly: No non-sense SEO friendly template with best practices of SEO and Admin Dashboard Options which make sense (Means no meta-keywords and other things which make no sense in modern SEO practices).
  • 6 Colour Scheme: We provide 6 different colour themes to easily change your website look with added options in Admin Dashboard.
  • Two Home Page layout: We have added two different Home Page layout for your different needs, will add more layouts in near future.
  • Related Ads: Inbuilt option to show other related listings on listing page with multiple filters in Admin Dashboard for accurate results. This feature also support Sphinx Search Engine if enabled. It also comes with two layout options.
  • Home page Slider: We have also added a home-page slider which you can also manage through your Admin Dashboard, Image-uploading/removing all functionality provided in your Dashboard.
  • Home page carousel: Carousel functionality to show Latest, Popular or Premium listings with configurable options in Admin Dashboard.
  • Category Image: You can add unique images to main categories through Admin Dashboard and our theme show these images if user have not uploaded any image to that listing instead of default no_picture.
  • Image Preview: If user hover mouse pointer on image in search list or in category, it will show big image preview automatically.
  • NoCaptcha Recaptcha: Inbuilt support for Google latest Recaptcha APIs which also support comment form.
  • User Dashboard: We have made and advance layout of user dashboard to easily manage user profile, listings, favourite list and alerts.
  • Adsense/Banner Support: We have added multiple locations for Banner/Adsense ads. With options to manage all those location in user dashboard. These location support any html/js code.
  • Support for Voting:  We have added inbuilt support for this plugins which provide User/Listing rating feature. Voting plugin support is more advance for better page-loading and comes with rich snippet support.
  • Made for speed: Inbuilt caching layer for fast performance, All Js request in footer for faster page-loading. Multiple enhancement for faster site loading and page generation. We are happy to help if you found any performance issue.
  • Spam/Duplicate Fighting Options: These provide functionality in Admin dashboard prevent user generated spam and posting of duplicate listings. Listings will be marked as blocked if user try to post exact same listing again. You can enable/disable or manage other options related to these features in Admin Dashboard.
  • Multi Lingual: Shopclass theme can be easily translated to any language with given translation files.

Even more advance features are available from font-end to admin dashboard to provide you amazing osclass experience. Only single voting is running on our demo website, all other functionality is integrated in our theme. Shopclass is based on bootstrap with valid html5 code, core files are properly commented. Above mentioned feature list is not complete and will never be as we always add more features in every updates.

Apart from features above, we also provide an another important feature which is support  through our dedicated support forum. Forum is solely open for Tuffindia theme’s users. We have an active community for wonderful forum experience. Our user can report bugs or suggest features they want to add in our theme.