Osclass Installation and server optimisation service

 We provide Osclass installation and server optimisation  service.

What You Get

Osclass Installation and configuration

We use best practices that help your osclass installation run smoothly with all the essentials setting preconfigured to achieve optimal performance. We will also make sure to remove any potential security risk while installing and configuring your installation.

Server optimisation

We will setup and optimise your server for best performance with minimal resource uses. An optimised server can greatly reduce your monthly server bills serve more customer efficiently. We will also install nginx with page speed(Depend on your CMS) module, Percona MySql database server(Depend on your CMS)  and configure it to optimal performance. We will also configure memcache for your osclass installation.

What we need

You need to fulfil these requirements to complete your request

  • root access to your server
  • cPanel access

Note: We will ask your credentials and details about your request after payment success. Expected Time will start after your first reply.