Better Sitemap for Osclass

A Sitemap Plugin for Osclass created for faster performance and to use in any kind of setup. Best Sitemap Plugin for osclass, maximise your SEO efforts. This plugin support and generate browser/search-engine firendly indexed sitemaps for your osclass site.

Below are some highlighted features:

  • Highly efficeint in memory usage compared to other sitemap plugins.
  • Option to create Gzipped version of sitemaps.
  • Options to add/manage custom urls in your sitemap.
  • Options to add City/Regions/Country to your sitemap.
  • Options to add Category+Cities to your sitemap.
  • Options to add Category+Regions to your sitemap.
  • Options to add Categories to your sitemap.
  • Options to generate sitemap hourly/daily/weekly (Require Osclass Inbuilt Cron Job enabled)
  • Robots.txt file editor inbuilt.
  • Can support high numbers of URLs.

We are also using it on our website, where this plugin handles over over 3,50,000 Listings.

Note: Shopclass theme buyer do not need this as this functionality is already included in our theme.